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The Wisdom Gathering will be held simultaneously in Estes Park, Colorado, USA and Victoria, Australia.

Estes Park is the gateway village to Rocky Mountain National Park, northwest of Denver.  The Center of Synthesis at Estes Park is said to be one of nine distributing points for the Ashram of Synthesis. The registration, transportation, streaming, and lodging information on this website pertain to the Gathering in Estes Park.

Click HERE if you have further questions concerning the Gathering in Australia.


Assisting humanity to take initiation as a kingdom by coming together as one, invoking divine synthesis, and projecting the new path of spiritual evolution.


Life More Abundant

A group exploration of purpose, passion and power in service to the Divine Plan


“A disciple’s medium of expression, and therefore of exchange, is the etheric Light body of the Planetary Logos. We view it first as a One Life, a great Light deva, whose substance enters into, permeates, and holds in right relationship, all parts of the One Life in an integrated totality.

Insofar as our planet is concerned, the Buddhic sphere is the point of origin, or more correctly, the door of entry of this light body into the seven vibratory spheres of planetary activity. Thus, via this medium of expression, the Life of our Logos flows into, and through, all of its parts from the Buddhic sphere, the natural habitat of the Soul, which is the heart of the Logoic Life.

Pause for a moment and consider the Buddhic sphere as the heart which distributes the life of the Logos throughout the Planet via a great Light deva, which emanates spherically from its center to its periphery. Thus does that Life reach into, and direct, the affairs of the seven planes or spheres of vibrating matter that make up the Logoic physical body.”

The Nature of the Soul, p 427

Life makes everything new. A renewed Christ reappearing in and through humanity is leading to a deeper, richer relationship with Spirit and its expression in Matter, and thus life more abundant.

This increasing presence of Spirit stimulates us to be more present in our own lives, revealing the Divine through humanity. This surge of life puts problems and challenges in stark relief, yet simultaneously floods us with new, creative individual and group solutions.

Breathing with Christ the air of Shamballa, we are energized with a renewed sense of purpose. That inspiration fills us with the passion to bring it to life, while daring to move forward fills our service with its power.


The nature of this gathering is service.

What an opportunity it is to gather with others and explore as a group our deepening relationship with the life of purpose, group life, and life in form. Each of us brings a unique alignment with the Divine, attunement to wisdom, and orientation to and within humanity. Sharing in a group alignment empowers our service. Together, we generate insights and express them in words. This light and sound refracts and reverberates through the human network, qualifying human substance to become an aid in the evolution of human consciousness.

The general format for each day is to work with a topic in relation to life more abundant. We would start with a few words that set the atmosphere for exploration of that topic. This would be followed with a group alignment, and period of silent group contemplation. We would then explore the topic together via group dialogue, perhaps using questions related to the topic.

Later that day we ground the insights and words into our lives using various techniques in a group setting. The afternoons and evenings are for further contemplation and dialogue in smaller, impromptu groups, and activities like hiking and touring. Click HERE to view the schedule.


We will be streaming at least parts of the Gathering, at no charge. Please click HERE to send an email letting us know you are interested so that we can put you on the list.

Pre-Gathering Videoconferences

We are conducting a series of weekly videoconferences where we read together and dialogue using the text from a paper, Life More Abundant. This is a compilation from the works of Alice Bailey and Lucille Cedercrans. While we are part way through, you are still most welcome to join in; click HERE to send an email to let us know you are interested.

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