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Lucille’s Work

Lucille’s Work

lucilleThe work of Lucille Cedercrans Schaible (1921 – 1984) flows from the same font of spiritual Wisdom communicated through HP Blavatsky and the early Theosophical Society, Helena Roerich and the Agni Yoga Society, and Alice A Bailey. Its central themes include the nature of the soul – divine purpose, divine love/wisdom and creative activity – meditation as a tool for self-initiated spiritual growth and development, service to the Divine Plan for humanity and the energy of Synthesis which has been entering our planetary life in ever greater quantity and quality for the past 50 years.

Perhaps we can do no better to characterize the intent of this work than to quote from the Introduction to Lucille’s most widely read book, The Nature of the Soul.

“The human family stands today upon the threshold of a new experience, that of Soul consciousness. Every man, woman, and child incarnate upon the planet is being brought closer to this happening by the force of evolution itself. Just as man is differentiated from the animal, in that he is a self-conscious human being, so shall he make yet another advance in awareness to become a Soul-conscious son of God. No longer must he walk in the shadow of spiritual ignorance, for the Light of his Soul is moving upon his horizon.

This movement of the Soul toward expression within and through its lower counterpart can be seen within the mass consciousness of the whole human family. In no area of that mass is it stilled, but moves constantly to produce an awakening of man to Its presence. Men and women everywhere are becoming restless, dissatisfied and overburdened with the world of material values they have created for themselves. They seek new values which will bring lasting peace to their world, little knowing as yet the nature of that peace.

In recognition of, and cooperation with this activity of the Soul, a New Thought–Form Presentation of The Wisdom has been created and placed in availability for those who seek it. It can be contacted as an abstraction via the activity of meditation, and must then be translated into a concrete form by the one who meditates.

This series of instructions is an interpretation of that new thought–form, and has been written in an effort to aid man in the search for his Soul.

For those who seek authority behind the written word, the truth of this text must be proven via its application. A formulated concept is of value only if it can be worked out as a living truth within the life and affairs of Humanity. Therefore, do not look to the source of this teaching for its authenticity, but to the application of it within your own life and affairs.”


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